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Just another free alternative for security and malware researchers. Find latest reports about malware and other threats. Scumware is any programming that gets on your computer from Internet sites without your consent and often without your knowledge. Scumware is a general term that encompasses spyware, adware, annoyware, malware, parasiteware, unwelcome cookies, and various forms of viruses. Once downloaded, scumware can perpetrate various services, including providing remote access to a hacker, displaying advertisements in browsers or.

Merge[edit]. Fubar Obfusco, I disagree with your redirect to spyware. From this article: Scumware is a pejorative collective term for various forms of intrusive. Categories: English words suffixed with -ware · English lemmas · English nouns · English uncountable nouns · en:Computing · English informal terms · English. Scumware synonyms, Scumware pronunciation, Scumware translation, English dictionary definition of Scumware. n. Malicious computer software that interferes.

An umbrella term for software that performs some unwanted activity on the computer. See spyware, malware, adware and wares Explanation of scumware. 11 Jun Scumware is typically pieces of malicious code that have entered your system. 8 Dec Earlier this year I wrote about scumware, the generic term for various kinds of software that hides on your PC and displays ads and/or reports. 23 May The reports of hackers poisoning search results by optimizing landing pages that included links to viruses, spyware and other malware alarmed. Anything harmful or annoying to the computer or user, including spyware, adware , viruses, etc.



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